Pellet Weights and Energy Calculator

As of 2004, this website has not been maintained. I have moved on to other hobbies. This page was the most popular page, so I have left it available online for historical reference. It may be out of date. It may be inaccurate.

I'd like to thank all the people who contributed to this site over the years.

Here is a comprehensive list of all the pellets I could find, along with their weight in grains. The data was obtained from a number of sources and while each source usually agrees on the weight of the pellets, some differ. I have also personally found that the weights printed on the tins of pellets occasionally disagree with what my digital scales say when weighing 500 or 600 pellets for example. Wherever a discrepancy occurs the heavier weight will be printed here to stay on the side of legality rather than accuracy. On that note, I take no responsibility for the accuracy of any of the data on this page. It is entirely up to you, as an owner of an air gun, to ensure that your gun is within legal limits. If you know of any pellets (and their weights) that are not on the list please let me know. If you think any pellets listed here are heavier than specified then also please let me know.

In the UK, unless you own a Fire Arms Certificate, the power limit for Air Rifles is 12 foot pounds force (ft-lbf). This is about 16 joules of energy. For Air Pistols in the UK it is 6 ft-lbf. This rule applies to ANY pellet. If the police decide to check your gun they will use a selection of pellets (typically light, medium and heavy pellets in small and large sizes) so stay under (at most) 11.5 ft-lbf with any pellet you can find. To calculate the amount of energy your air gun is producing you will require a chronograph. This measures the speed that your pellet is travelling as it leaves the gun. It may also be worth noting that different air guns (such as pre-charged pneumatics) may fire at different energies depending how full they are. For example my Air Arms S200 produces 10.5 ft-lbf when full, peaking at 11.8 ft-lbf after about 30 shots, and then dropping off again to 10.5 ft-lbf after another 20. More pressure in the tank does not mean more power - the opposite can be (and often is) true.

You can use the calculator below to calculate the amount of energy (and hence legality) of your air gun. Simply enter the weight in grains (gr) of your pellet (you can check the list below if you're unsure) and the velocity in feet per second (fps) into the boxes below and then click the Calculate button. The calculator will then tell you the energy in foot pound force (ft-lbf) and if you would require a fire arms certificate (F.A.C.) for an air rifle and air pistol with this energy level.

Energy Calculator
Weight (gr)
Velocity (fps)
Energy (ft-lbf)
UK Rifle Legality
UK Pistol Legality

Pellet Type.
Air Arms8.09-16.01-
Air Arms CO2 Pistol Pellet8.15---
Air Arms Diablo Field (Czech made)--16.00-
Air Arms Diablo Pistol7.71---
Air Arms Diablo Rifle8.25---
Air Arms Field8.40-16.40-
Air Arms Field 4.518.50---
Air Arms Field 4.528.50---
Air Arms Hunter--16.40-
Beeman Bearcub8.09-14.44-
Beeman Blue Coated8.60---
Beeman Crow Magnum8.8012.8018.2026.20
Beeman Field Target Specials8.8011.0014.80-
Beeman Gold Coated7.50---
Beeman H&N Match8.0911.8713.7521.60
Beeman H&N Match Hi-Speed7.55---
Beeman Kodiak10.6013.3221.1030.70
Beeman Kodiak Match10.60--30.90
Beeman Laser6.509.2013.3617.70
Beeman Laser Sport7.70---
Beeman Perfect Rounds8.02--23.61
Beeman Ram Jet9.8011.7014.7624.18
Beeman Ram Point---27.10
Beeman Red Coated7.30---
Beeman Silver Ace8.1211.4415.2421.60
Beeman Silver Arrow11.5015.5017.1024.30
Beeman Silver Bear7.109.8815.7426.42
Beeman Silver Jet8.39---
Beeman Silver Sting8.6110.5315.7425.12
Beeman Trophy7.88-14.00-
Beeman Wadcutter7.30---
Benjamin Sheridan Diabolo--14.30-
Bisley Bullet7.70-14.40-
Bisley Carbine8.31-15.80-
Bisley Long Range Gold7.60-14.00-
Bisley Magnum--21.40-
Bisley Magnum 4.5110.75---
Bisley Magnum 4.5210.78---
Bisley Pest Control8.8012.8018.2026.40
Bisley Practice7.40-13.80-
Bisley Premier11.27-17.06-
Bisley Superfield8.5010.0615.0124.00
BSA Elite7.37-13.88-
BSA Excalibur--15.44-
BSA Huntsman--16.50-
BSA Pylarm7.42--18.30
BSA Select7.37-13.88-
BSA Silver Shadow--15.58-
BSA Storm7.39-13.88-
Champion Ballistic9.65-16.30-
Champion Challenger7.10-14.88-
Champion Eagle8.50-14.25-
Champion Olympic7.53---
Champion Polaris9.88-14.14-
Champion Polaris Magnum9.38---
Champion Stinger8.70-13.02-
Champion Tiger8.50-14.25-
Champion Wolf8.50-14.25-
Crosman Accupell7.9014.3014.30-
Crosman Accupell (Logun Import)8.00---
Crosman CO2 Pell4.20---
Crosman Domed7.90---
Crosman Matchpell7.90-14.30-
Crosman Pointed7.90---
Crosman Powerpell7.90-14.30-
Crosman Premier-14.3014.30-
Crosman Premier 10.510.50---
Crosman Premier 7.97.90---
Crosman Premier Ultra Magnum Hunting--14.3-
Crosman Super Match7.90---
Crosman Verminpell--14.30-
Crosman Wadcutter7.90---
Dai Sung15.70-28.5535.77
Daystate FT8.44-15.90-
Daystate FT 4.518.49---
Daystate FT 4.528.49---
Dragon Heavies8.87---
Dynamic PCP1 4.467.90---
Dynamic PCP1 4.57.90---
Dynamic PCP2 5.54--14.50-
Dynamic PCP2 5.56--14.50-
Dynamic PPP16.90---
Dynamic SN17.95---
Dynamic SN2--12.85-
Dynamic TAC2--14.50-
Dynamic TM19.50---
Dynamic TM2--17.07-
Dynamic Triple P6.90---
Dynamic XP2--14.50-
Eley Magnum--30.00-
Eley Wasp7.40---
Eley Wasp 5.5--14.64-
Eley Wasp 5.6--14.64-
Gamebore Precision Hunter--13.16-
Gamebore Universal--15.16-
Gamo Hunter8.30-15.30-
Gamo Magnum8.40-15.60-
Gamo Master Point7.90-16.20-
Gamo Match7.50-14.10-
Gamo Pro Hunter--13.92-
Gamo Pro Magnum--13.83-
Gamo Pro Match7.40---
H&N Baracuda Match 4.5010.79---
H&N Baracuda Match 4.5110.39---
H&N Baracuda Match 4.5210.45---
H&N Baracuda Match 5.51--20.54-
H&N Baracuda Match 5.52--21.26-
H&N Coppa Point7.60-16.20-
H&N Diablo Baracuda10.65-21.1430.50
H&N Diablo Pointed-11.2115.94-
H&N Diablo Sport8.189.5313.76-
H&N Field & Target8.49---
H&N Field & Target Trophy8.6615.1015.5620.10
H&N Finale Match Pistol 4.487.42---
H&N Finale Match Pistol 4.497.52---
H&N Finale Match Pistol 4.507.35---
H&N Finale Match Rifle 4.487.91---
H&N Finale Match Rifle 4.498.31---
H&N Finale Match Rifle 4.508.07---
H&N Finale Match Rifle 4.518.05---
H&N Hollow Point8.6010.0012.65-
H&N Match Kugeln--13.66-
H&N Match Kugeln Pistol 4.497.45---
H&N Match Kugeln Pistol 4.507.22---
H&N Match Kugeln Rifle 4.497.95---
H&N Match Kugeln Rifle 4.508.14---
H&N Match Kugeln Rifle 4.517.90---
H&N Rabbit Magnum16.85-30.00-
H&N Silhouette8.7611.2816.40-
H&N Silver Point11.80-17.13-
H&N Spitz Kugeln Pointed8.87-15.74-
H&N Trophy Hunter8.20-15.40-
Hustler Harrier7.17-12.74-
Hustler Jets--12.58-
Hustler Needlepoint8.25-12.30-
Hustler Strike8.18-12.86-
Logun Penetrator9.50-16.0-
Logun Penetrator Heavyweight--21.00-
Marksman Pointed8.87-15.00-
Marksman Roundhead8.05-14.0018.82
Milbro Caledonian7.33-13.30-
Milbro Clipper8.78---
Milbro Jet--13.35-
Milbro Select7.20-14.15-
Milbro Twin Ring7.90-14.30-
Nickerson R108.50---
Nickerson R11--14.25-
Nickerson R11B--14.25-
NSP Falcon Accuracy Plus (Czech made)--13.43-
Ox Copper Point8.15---
Ox Firebat8.20-14.18-
Ox Full Metal Jacket8.26---
Ox Hi Point--14.22-
Ox Super Round ('97 annual)7.54-13.74-
Ox Super Round (manufacturers)8.1012.0014.7518.25
Ox Super Speed--12.90-
Paragon C1--17.44-
Paragon Z1--15.00-
Paragon Z1 (pre-April '96)--14.68-
Paragon Z2--12.00-
Paragon Z2 (pre-April '96)--11.36-
Paragon Z78.10---
Paragon Z7 (pre-April '96)7.90---
Parker Hale Dragon Heavies8.87---
Promethus Hunting6.00-9.12-
Promethus Truncated5.62-8.64-
RWS CA 707 Domed--28.5035.20
RWS Club7.10---
RWS CO27.70---
RWS CO2 Target7.70---
RWS Geco6.80---
RWS Geco CO27.70---
RWS Hobby6.93-12.10-
RWS Magnum---21.00
RWS Meisterkugeln7.61-13.90-
RWS Meisterkugeln Heavy8.30---
RWS Meisterkugeln Light7.70---
RWS R108.15---
RWS Superdome8.40-14.50-
RWS Super-H-Point7.38-13.90-
RWS Supermag9.50---
RWS Superpoint7.90-14.40-
Skenco International D&S Magnum Hunting5.50-11.00-
Walther Finale Match7.35---
Webley Flying Scot7.67-14.50-
Webley Grand Prix7.86-14.56-
Webley Lazadome9.00-16.00-
Webley Lazapell8.70-14.50-
Webley Lazapoint--16.00-
Webley Mosquito---20.00
Webley Mosquito Domes8.00---
Webley Mosquito Match7.90---
Webley Mosquito Maxim---20.00
Webley Mosquito Pointed8.00-14.25-
Webley Specials7.73-13.50-